10 Keys To Loving Yourself and Reaching Your Confidence Potential

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What does it mean to Love Your Body?

To love your body means to love yourself on the inside. Your mind is where the drive to take care of your health begins. Obtaining a gorgeous figure isn’t the key to long-term happiness! There are many very skinny people who don’t like their lives or their bodies. Unlocking all of the confidence inside of yourself is the essential first step to loving your body because when you are confident in your abilities, beliefs and goals, a desire to take care of your health and your body will follow this desire to be the best version of yourself. When you understand this, a beautiful body on the outside will just be a natural consequence.


1) Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Stay focused on you. This may seem difficult to put into practice because it is natural for our brains to compare ourselves to those around us, but this is why you must talk to yourself! Nobody’s life is like yours. Nobody’s! Think about ways you can make your own life better if you find yourself thinking about another person’s life.

2) Remember that you are a unique gift. The world would not be the same if you did not exist. You have tremendous power to do positive things and be a good person. Every single day you have the ability to enhance the lives of others effortlessly! When you cultivate happiness within yourself, it will naturally spread to everyone you meet and interact with. Take pride in your ability to do this.

3) Work hard, but work hard at what makes you happy & you enjoy. Life is too short to waste time on goals that are not your passion. You can listen to other people’s suggestions, but understand that your heart often knows the answers.

4) Stop all criticism! Now is the time to accept yourself completely exactly as you are. Criticism creates negative energy and never changes a thing. Through approval of yourself, you are able to make positive changes to your life through higher awareness.

5) Be your own type of silly & embrace whatever that is. Laugh as much as you can!


6) You are not a number. I am not a number. Don’t go on the scale if it’s going to result in any emotional reaction not founded in reality. You should not feel better because you weigh less or feel worse because you weigh more. If you want to get to a healthy weight, eat lots of healthy plant foods, keep overeating down to a minimum & weigh yourself oh so minimally, but only if you must.

7) Do not count calories. Do not go on a fad diet. That stuff is a waste of your precious time. Short-term diets to get skinny quickly are not your friend. Follow the wise lead of the voice inside of yourself that knows that living a healthy lifestyle every day is the best thing for you.

8) Be cool with being so completely imperfect and laugh about it. You are real, not a plastic *insert curse word here* Barbie!

9) Read about nutrition and get the facts. Don’t fall for information that is not founded in science. Science rules, crazy unsciency stuff drools. Do not go all raw, do not do paleo. Being your own nutritional investigator and scoping our whether or not dietary recommendations are scientifically sound is a radical thing to do! Often, the most popular diets of the moment are not filled with cool & smart sciency research.

10) Toxic chemicals suck. Use makeup that is all natural and food that is all natural. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Chemicals you cannot pronounce the names of are sketchy. You do not like sketchy.

Bonus LOVE YOURSELF more tip that will help keep your weight in check & prevent binging: Don’t eat “HEALTHY” food you don’t enjoy the taste of. EVER!

Life is too short to worry and life is too short not to love every inch of yourself. You will never be just a number on the scale, you are not somebody’s “girlfriend”, who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow. You are not too this or too that. If you are a nice & genuine person on the inside who loves and is grateful for the beauty of being an imperfect human, you have every reason to love yourself on the inside and out. Compassion is the highest form of intelligence. Be more compassionate to yourself. Smile more, laugh more, don’t take yourself too seriously and eat those greens!

Practice telling yourself more positive affirmations each day: 

‘I love and accept myself for who I am right now.’

‘I am open to receiving beautiful gifts in all areas of my life.’

‘My body is well rested and full of vitality and life.’

‘I am filled with love and light.’

‘I choose to only be around people who contribute to my feelings of aliveness.’

‘I am a success. I congratulate myself daily.’

‘I am a unique and a very special person and worthy of respect from others.’



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    Thank you Talia – this is just what I needed to be reminded of, and is absolutely beautiful!

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