Crazy Cool Interview with Katie Higgins of Chocolate-Covered Katie

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Oh hey look, this is Katie!

Today I had the absolute pleasure of talking to Ms. Katie over the phone for the very first time. I am so glad that my chocoholic nature led me to Katie’s foodtastic, insanely popular blog,, and a subsequently fervent desire to interview her for the blog you find yourself reading here. Upon talking for a mere half hour (although I wasn’t looking at the clock, so it could have easily been quite a few more minutes than 30~ time does fly when you are in the midst of a flowing, 100% enjoyable convo!), it was discovered that Katie and I have much more in common than our completely shameless and oh-so-blissful love of homemade chocolaty creations with a healthful twist. Indeed, it quickly became obvious to me that Katie = a kick-ass new friend. So before I write anything else, I’d like to proclaim that Katie is just as sweet as the delicious food that she creates.

Now, let’s get down to business. As in health food foodie business. We talked about how much better healthy, homemade food tastes when you give cooking a shot and play around with which ingredients and recipes you enjoy the flavor and texture of the most. Katie and I agreed that throwing in favorite ingredients to already mouth-watering recipes makes for the best cooking adventures and wickedly tasty, yet never devilishly unhealthy meals.

Here is a little bit of inspiring background info on this rad food blogger superwoman.

Katie began cooking around the age of 14 when her family moved to China and she didn’t want to eat icky fast food during her stay abroad. Around this time the Moosewood Cookbook found its way into her life and then bing, bang, boom, an adolescent girl who had never cooked much before became an impassioned recipe creator extraordinaire. And yes, this creative recipe creator extraordinaire did face occasional cooking fiascos, which will happen when one does not follow recipes, but many, many absolutely delicious recipes were formed amidst those unsuccessful ones. Flash forward to 2007 and the blog was born. I asked Katie to answer a few questions about cooking, baking (and eating!) for me and she responded lickety-split, which is impressive given how crazy busy she is.

Are those the questions and her answers that I see below?! Oh yes, yes they are.

What is your favorite type of dessert to prepare and why?

My favorite type of dessert to prepare? Without a doubt it’s anything that has chocolate included… for obvious reasons ;).

I’m also a big fan of no-bake recipes, as you can tell right away if the recipe experiment is a flop, whereas with baked good recipes you have to wait until the recipe comes out of the oven.

What do you recommend using as a replacement for butter and eggs in your dessert recipes?

For eggs, my favorite substitute is ground flaxmeal. As well as being an excellent (eggcellent?) binder, it also offers healthy Omega 3s!

Do you use any ingredients in your dessert recipes that most of us wouldn’t expect to be used to prepare dessert?

Yes, NOTHING is off limits! I have dessert recipes that include garbanzo beans, spinach, and even cauliflower! All with the seal of approval of people used to eating “normal” desserts.

What is your favorite dessert recipe on your blog to eat?

That’s really hard! Do I have to choose just one?? It definitely changes… However, the Chocolate Bar Pie is always a favorite.

What are your favorite foods when you aren’t eating chocolate or dessert?

Broccoli, stir fries, peanut butter, and anything with carbs. I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?

EVERYTHING!! Just the fact that I actually get to do this for a living is something I have to pinch myself to believe every single day.

Thanks for answering my questions and for a MARVELOUS phone conversation. You rock Katie, you just rock. And we both have a love affair with broccoli and peanut butter, although not necessarily eaten at the same time. Keep cookin’ Katie and I will continue to ogle longingly at the recipes and bea-ut-iful food photography on your website. Over and out!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t know how I just noticed this interview! I LOVE Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog (and yours, of course)! She’s given me a lot of inspiration for my own dessert blog. How cool to see an interview with her 🙂

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