Inspiring Discussion with Olivia Ku!

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IMG_0314_bInspiring Discussion with Olivia Ku of Instagram @LoveHealthFitness and YouTube Channel, LoveHealthFitness.

First of all, I must begin this post with the words kick ass. This was the most logical choice of words for the first sentence of this discussion because this is what Olivia is. She is the princess of the kingdom of kick ass healthy women.  I really wish there was a kingdom of kick ass healthy women in real life because I have a feeling it would be a pretty magical, energetic place filled with inspirational ladies in killer shape, but that’s another daydream altogether and this article (urrrr discussion), is about the story of Olivia’s get-healthy journey and the philosophies about living a healthy lifestyle that we both espouse. While she may not be a real princess, she certainly looks like one. She looks radiant, totally cute (she wears the cutest bows in her hair!) and possesses radiant energy to match.

Anyone observing us chatting might notice that we both exude more energy than two girls who haven’t consumed any caffeine should naturally show. This is because we are very, very excited about our careers and the opportunities we have to show others that if we can enjoy living a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived, anyone can.

Behold one of our many conversations (Olivia and I are good friends, after all):

IMG_0331Talia: Let’s kick this convo off with your absolutely phenomenal get healthy success story. I’m sure many people would call your story a “weight loss” success story because you’ve lost over 100 pounds (which is too impressive for words!), but I see your healthy-lifestyle achievements in a different light. I see your journey as more of a mental framework and a retraining of your mind to think more positively about your capabilities to get healthier and not let food control you. It’s thinking all the time, “Hey, I’m worth the effort to feel great, be healthy and look fantastic as a result.”

Olivia: I think it all comes down to loving yourself. No matter what size or weight you are at this moment, you still need to love yourself. Healthy eating and working out comes as a result of saying, “Hey I’m worth it. I want to treat my body right because I love it.”. As I wrote in an instagram post (@lovehealthfitness),

“Truth be told, losing weight doesn’t magically make everything better, it has to start from the inside—a little spark of magic where you tell yourself you are good enough & I love you because only then will you be able to change for the better. I hope if nothing at least this post will leave you feeling that you are not alone. I’ve been there and I’m still working on loving me and being good to me every single day. If that 225 lbs girl could find a way to love herself despite all of the name calling, bullying and insecurities, you can too.”    

Talia: Wow, talk about inspirational. I agree with you, Olivia. It’s not as difficult as most people perceive to practice healthy eating habits, exercise and be more compassionate towards ourselves. And anyone wishing to make healthy-lifestyle changes is certainly not alone! I think we all have goals we want to reach, whether it’s to lose 5 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs or gain 5 lbs of muscle, etc. We must all remember we are human and it’s easier to stay on track when we realize we are all in this together, even if each of our goals is unique. Another thing to remember is that we must continue to love our bodies even as we are trying to change them. We tend to be too hard on ourselves and our own appearances, which is very unhealthy. The more we can feel comfortable and confident in our own bodies (at any weight), the better our quality of life and the more attractive we will be perceived by others. A confident attitude is extremely attractive!

Olivia: That’s one of the main reasons I started LoveHealthFitness on both Instagram and YouTube. My goal is to reach out to as many girls as possible who may be struggling with self-confidence or just feeling lost. I’ve been there, I understand the struggle, and more than anything I want to be the one to tell them, “You will overcome this. You will live your dreams.” I want to be an encourager because there are enough doubters in the world. I want to be the one to help, even just a single girl, to feel not so alone.

Talia: Okay so we’ve talked about how eating healthfully does not mean that you have to deprive yourself in any way. Now tell me, what is one of your favorite recipes?! My readers need to know!

Olivia: One of my favorite recipes is definitely overnight oats! It’s super easy and delicious! Great for busy gals who are always on the go! I made 3 different combinations: quadruple berry frenzy, apple pie, and strawberry banana! The full recipe video can be found here on my LoveHealthFitness YouTube Channel, direct link here:

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