Have you acknowledged your crazy side recently?

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I am going to begin this blog post a bit differently. Have you acknowledged your crazy side recently?

In order to get a little bit of crazy flowing from your brain to the rest of your body freely and with encouragement that this is an entirely natural thing to contemplate, I will answer this question first. Today I didn’t simply go for a jog on the streets by my apartment, but rather, I took it upon myself to climb to the roof and do sprints on the rooftop, along with my best non-human, totally unalive, yet always appreciated pal, my iPod, Dahlia Sparks (her last name is fitting because her cover is sparkly). Yes, I do name my phone, my car and my beloved computer sidekick, Ariana, whom was born a Macbook Air on May 31st, 2013, and has a fashionable design firmly adorned on her cover (pictured below). When I mean crazy, I mean some seriously goofy business.


You might be questioning what my intention is of beginning a blog post not with a recipe or a fascinating nutrition fun fact, but with a declaration that I am prone to exercising in novels ways with really pretty views (truth: most rooftops come with delightful views), along with the shameless confession that I name objects that don’t have heart beats. Well, blog reader whom I know must also possess craziness of some degree (and in a highly commendable way!), answering this question is easier than eating a yummy slice of vegan pizza.

Answer: We should all strive to live every single day as enjoyably as possible, and this means fully embracing our goofy sides. What is the point of being healthy if we don’t live our lives to the fullest and take every minute we have on planet earth to be proud of all sides of ourselves, both the crazy and non-crazy parts? We should take advantage of feeling healthy by living lives filled with meaning, inspiration, fun and joy, all of which should be experienced as frequently as possible.

This is why we all should enjoy our own unique craziness (well, as long as it’s not hurting anybody- don’t smack your sister with a pillow and blame it on confidently expressing your crazy side). The good crazy- the adventures on top of roofs to exercise, the dancing instead of walking down the hallway, the singing at the top of your lungs to enjoyably pass the time in your car in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the painting or drawing with artistic abandon, or building a fort with a younger sibling and crawling around like you are 6 instead of 26 (or whatever age you happen to be)- is the stuff that a richly-lived life is made of.


Mind you, we all have problems, setbacks, frustrations and aspects of life that fail to go our way. Every single one of us has problems and/or imperfections, whether minor or large. More than what happens to us, it is how we handle life that sets each of us apart. And how we handle life begins with our actions and our thoughts in the present, including those goofy moments and manifestations of our crazy personality traits. Do you spend more time being laid back or anxious? Do you laugh more than you cry or do you cry more than you laugh? There is always something to laugh about and there is always something to cry about, so why not laugh, dance and sing simply because you can?! And cry if you want to, but acknowledge the beauty in your tears and of releasing your emotions in a healthy way rather than bottling anything up inside. And always remember, good times are always yours for the taking.

What’s the point of eating plenty of kale, mushrooms, onions, berries, nuts and other nutrient-packed plant foods if you are unhappy, don’t wake up with a smile on your face or don’t feel comfortable fully embracing your own crazy self?

“DANCE as though no one is watching you, LOVE as though you have never been hurt before, SING as though no one can hear you, LIVE as though heaven is on earth.” ~Souza

Peace, love and KALE <3

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