Hi There Fellow Health-Foodie! Meet Jenne!

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1327247870Jenne Claiborne is one rad chica. Besides the fact that she loves baked sweet potatoes as much as I do (her blog is www.sweetpotatosoul.com), she radiates positive energy and enthusiasm for helping as many people as possible improve their health.  She is a plant-based holistic health counselor who knows what it takes to make the right eating choices in our busy, stress-filled environments because she’s actually made the transition herself.  She is one of the nicest, most upbeat people I have encountered and a cursory glance at her blog makes it clear that she is just as adept in the kitchen as she is a sweet person. I knew that I had to talk to Jenne more about the remarkable changes she has experienced in her own life simply by altering what foods she puts in her mouth.

Jenne and I recently shared an uplifting conversation about the improvements she makes in the diets of her clients, her own journey from feeling blah to marvelous and why she chose health-coaching as a career. Hi there, Jenne!

1) What was your diet like growing up?

As a young girl and into my teens and early 20s, I ate a lot of processed foods, refined grains, dairy, fish and chicken and I suffered from depression, low energy, and fatigue.  Since going vegan two years ago (I am 26), my life has taken a 180-degree turn! I know that the nutrient-packed foods I’ve been consuming have literally altered my brain chemistry and the vibrancy of my diet has resulted in a more vibrant, positive me.  It has been nothing short of miraculous.

2) Let’s talk more about how you feel now!

It is incredible how different I feel now that I eat a vegan diet filled with bright and beautiful fruits and vegetables. It is a makeover from the inside out! I have feel more energetic, my skin is clearer, I’ve found my ideal weight, I don’t get hunger cravings for junk food, I’ve been able to get off all medications and the regular bouts of melancholy I dealt with have disappeared completely.

3) How did you know that becoming a health-coach was the right career for you?

I originally attempted a career in acting, but my heart wasn’t drawn to acting like it was towards nutrition and wellness. Seeing the results in myself and the dramatic improvement in all areas of my life that dietary changes have caused was enough motivation I needed to realize that being a health coach was the right choice for me. I grew up loving to cook too. It’s a form of creativity much like producing a work of art, except with cooking, you get to eat a delicious meal at the end!


Jenne and I are pretty much health-foodie twins with a mutual appreciation for the comforts of those beautifully orange sweet potatoes. She is conducting one seriously cool program: a Spring 30-Day Vegan Challenge. The program is going to make it convenient to make the right eating choices (and who doesn’t enjoy convenience?). The Spring Challenge begins April, 8th and I could not be more thrilled to recommend it to any readers who feel that a little extra support and motivation will direct them towards more happiness and healthiness. For more details CLICK HERE!


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