How do you look back on your life and feel fulfilled?

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Our minds are truly the most beautiful possessions we have and if we nurture them well, with uplifting thoughts, positive visions of hopefulness, dreams that we create and then motivate ourselves to take actions to enable them to become a reality, then we are truly letting our minds shine by applying it with priceless, yet invaluable imaginary makeup that allows ourselves to glow from the inside that much brighter and will give us the courage to get through anything.

I have the sort of brain that does a lot of ruminating about how to improve, what I want my future self to look back on and how to be the best version of myself possible. What leads to a most fulfilling life even when your current circumstances are not ideal or you are going through some sort of hardship? How do you break free from your situation and find hope, excitement and a zest for life?

The answer always returns to helping others. The greatest secret to success is helping other people become successful and happy. We are capable of standing up for the causes we believe in and making the world a better place simply by being alive. The gift of life brought with it the gift of bringing about change in society and in the lives of the people around you.

How do you make the world a better place then? How can you find the confidence to know that you are able? The secret lies in getting excited about something. It could be anything. It could be painting, playing the piano, becoming a teacher or learning about nutrition and how it correlates to health and long-term disease prevention (like I did!). In my case, I will always love to cook and bake healthy food too! Actually, the truth is that we will likely end up having many passions throughout our lives, but the secret is to begin exploring what you love to do and if you think you might like something, try it out! If you then decide it’s not for you, then great, that was an excellent step to take to learn about what your true passion(s) is/are. If you end up loving it, even better! Move forward with excitement that you can wake up and continue learning about this activity.

Now how does figuring out what your passions are lead to helping the world around you? Well, the only way that you are going to feel excited about what you are working on and continue to improve and master your skill of choice is to continue feeling excited about it and loving it, or at least love it more than other things you could be spending your time on. Then you will become better and better at it, which will help people the greatest. When your work is better, people will be able to benefit from it more.

You can make a difference on a large or small scale. Now, the beauty of the internet is that we are able to reach more people than ever before. So, that is huge benefit of technology. Learning about marketing is a huge asset because learning how to market your skills will help you reach more people, but now I digress. Marketing is fascinating, but this article is about reaching your life potential, not the subject of marketing (which might just be a passion or yours if you read about it!).

Whenever you are feeling down, lost or in physical or emotional pain, remember this. Remember that your passions await you and you have so much power that comes from within. Don’t ever forget this and let this knowledge get you through any hard times.

You owe it to yourself to live your best life and you owe it to yourself to reach your own life potential. The world deserves it and you deserve it. Now get motivated and excited to live and reach your life potential!

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