My Mission

i-h7JCFvz-LHi guys! What you will find here is a mix of all of my loves: healthy, vegan {totally delicious!} recipes, my favorite fashion and lifestyle recommendations, my corky creative writing, nutrition facts, positive psychology musings and even a bit of poetry and environmental news too. Whoa! Does that seem like a lot to you? It likely does because it is. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to make our lives as delicious, fabulous, healthy and positive as possible even, and especially when, time get tough. A healthy attitude and a healthy body is a choice and if I can do it, so can you.

Positive Psychology 

Be proud of who you are, your passions and unique goals! Pixie dust and passions wait for no one. Wait, actually, I messed that up. Your imagination and passions are always going to be inside of you and if you don’t listen to them, they will be stirring and waiting along with their sidekicks true happiness and utter fulfillment. When you find your passion(s) and act on them, get ready, because incredible things might happen! Exhibiting kindness towards everyone means being kind to yourself and one of the kindest things you can do for yourself is quit waiting to pursue what you want to do and quash any inane (and often completely inaccurate!) fears getting in the way of living your dream life. Realistically realize that there is always a way.

Self-love and Body Image

This website and my book contain a treasure trove of fascinating information to help you achieve everything from radiant, clear skin to a happier love life. I’ve always been drawn to the study of psychology and how to live our most fulfilling and pleasurable lives possible. I believe in the marriage of physical health and emotional well-being and their inseparability. I believe in getting our green juice on as much as I believe in feeding our brains with self-love, good friends, and the exploration of passions like our lives depend on them, because hey, they actually do. Learning how to love our unique selves allows us to maximize the time we’ve got on this planet, make the right choices that lead to a better relationship with and appreciation of our bodies, and enable us to genuinely achieve unbreakable self-confidence.

 Plant-Based Nutrition (no labels por favor!) 

10525486_1568918953394772_1085243047_nEveryone deserves to know the truth about nutrition and its healing powers. Prepare to be blown away by science, transformed into a nutrition expert, and say good-bye to days of feeling yucky as you embrace a future of glowing health and bodacious beauty. I write about the science of nutrition in the most anti-scientific study sort of language I possibly can, while  sticking to what the science says. I read the studies and then I translate them into funky language. It’s the only way I know how to write! Nutrition is fascinating, but it’s often written about in a dry, completely bland way. This is an injustice to the science of nutrition! I love you kale, I love you coconuts and I love you strawberries! They deserve our love, you guys, and this means actually enjoying learning about how good they are for us and how the phytochemicals inside of them help us stay healthy.

Positivity only! I love both people and animals.

10953659_1537372633204878_229005667_nI don’t eat my animal friends and I don’t knock my human friends. I think it’s important that we lift each other up and not belittle anyone for making lifestyle choices different than our own, for criticism solves nothing and does not foster productivity or positive change. Any positive actions taken to reduce our global footprints, improve our health and reduce animal suffering is commendable. It’s not all black and white and caring about these issues to begin with is in itself respectable. We can all do something, whether on a large or smaller scale. Each meal you have a choice, but you don’t have to be perfect all the time. I believe in as much education about these issues as possible. Education fosters understanding and is the first step to taking concrete actions to mitigate animal cruelty and reduce environmental degradation. Compassion means discussing solutions and improvements without criticism.

The Food ~ Environmental Health Link

6694c055837a84e2b2567e3421ad37b9“One third of the world’s people place an undue demand on land, water, and other resources required for intensive food production, which makes the typical Western diet not only undesirable from the standpoint of health but also environmentally unsustainable.”
~World Health Organization

Instead of denying the existence of global warming or avoiding the issue of climate change because they’re scary or confusing, we need to open our eyes nice and wide to what is actually happening to our home planet. The realities of climate change can seem daunting, but the reality is that each of us can make a difference simply by being mindful of the foods we choose to eat and significantly reducing or eliminating animal product consumption. The last chapter of my book, Love Your Body, is much like a written version of Cowspiracy. The facts may seem daunting and depressing, but there is always a silver lining! The silver lining begins with YOU. That’s right! You have it in your power to make a difference by educating yourself about what is happening to our planet and how you can help. Think it’s far-fetched that just one person like you can make a difference?! Well, think again! By setting a good example for others, your behaviors can (and will!) spread, your friends may (and likely will!) ask questions and positive, world changing actions will happen. Always stay positive because you really do have power and optimal power within yourself comes from an optimistic, can-do attitude. You can begin learning about the science of livestock production~environmental degradation in a non-boring, anti-scientific languagy (actually very shocking!) on this website! Boring, scientific language that puts you to sleep, you are going down! This stuff is way too compelling. Obviously!