My black garlic epiphany: a lesson learned in savoring moments of joy

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I believe that black garlic is definitely a bit of real life magic! After all, magical experiences occur in our minds when we splash gratitude with stunning hits of pleasure to our senses.

Black garlic. It is a food I had never heard of until last week let alone had the opportunity for it to grace my tongue. After a friend gave me some to try, the experience was so joyful that I was left with a yearning to write about the value of being grateful for the simple pleasures in our lives, those moments that are small, beautiful seconds of bliss.  Tasting the black garlic was like stopping to smell the roses or pausing to appreciate the striking blend of pink, orange and red hues that accompany a picturesque sunset. We don’t have to spend tremendous sums of money to experience these tiny moments of joys, but they make our lives much richer in quality. Each time we pause to soak up any sort of pleasurable experience, we add another stroke of color to the unique, beautiful canvas of our lives.

I could have eaten that black garlic and thought it was pretty good, but I didn’t. I ate the black garlic and thought it was incredible. I was so grateful for being alive in that moment. I was so grateful to be me, having that experience.  I had the choice to be appreciative and I chose to soak it up, taking my heart and soul along for the ride.  The experience tasting that small, luxurious sample of black garlic was all I need to be reminded that we all have a choice to relish in our environments when we can.  It is up to each of us to take away as much joy from both the usual facets of our lives as well as the unexpected. Tasting the black garlic was companied by this epiphany and it washed over me with such a strong intensity that I will never forget that moment.

In our modern world filled with unrelenting technological interconnectedness, it’s easy to lose track of the natural, simpler delights that accompany something as simple as trying a new food or stopping to smell the scent of a beautiful flower.  Trying the black garlic didn’t have to be special, but I made it so. I captured the experience for those few seconds and filled it with gratitude, no technology required.  I’ve realized lately that tapping into feelings of gratitude as much as possible is one of the best ways we can maximize joy and fulfillment in our lives.

It doesn’t have to take much to feel great each and every day. It really is all about our attitudes and how we view each experience we encounter.  Your life can be great if you view the simple things in your life as truly great.  In my daily life, making meals filled with organic, natural ingredients that come straight from mother earth rather than a package is another moment that I experience gratitude for the beauty of nature and simple pleasures that life has to offer. One of the reasons why I like to cook my own food is because of the delight that I get from working with natural, wholesome plant-foods.

What is it that gives you the most joy? Have you had any moments of pure delight from simple things, like my moment tasting the black garlic? I’d love to read about the small beautiful things that add richness to your life and I’m sure others would love to read about them as well.  It is never a bad time to find beauty in the simple things and it would be fun to share the unexpected places we all find these moments of joy.

After reading this blog post, I hope you get your hands on your own black garlic and relish it’s delightfully unique flavor!


  1. I think we need a Black Garlic vs Dark Chocolate competition.

  2. I think I agree with you, Jonathan. I very much agree! :p

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