talia-book-1“Talia is a dynamic author with a commitment to science-based nutrition and a true passion for healthy, delicious food. I urge young women everywhere to read Love Your Body!” ~John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and coauthor of Conscious Capitalism

“Love Your Body is the ultimate guide to discovering radiant health, beauty, and confidence! It’s chock-full of important information, practical advice, and easy recipes and best of all, keeps you smiling along the way.” ~Lisa Bloom, New Your Times bestselling author of Think, Swagger, and Suspicious Nation

The definitive guide for every young woman. In her fresh and witty voice, Talia shares her wisdom on everything teens and young women need to know about health, nutrition, self-esteem and empowerment for every aspect of your life. This go-to guide will teach you how to become a strong, independent, self-assured woman and how to finally put an end to obsessing about weight and start learning how to eat well for a better, healthier you! ~Chloe Coscarelli author of Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen and Chloe’s Vegan Desserts

This book is jam-packed with important research, yet Talia presents it all in a way that is easy and fun to read. Her passion and enthusiasm for life are completely contagious. You WILL have a smile on your face by the end of the book—or possibly by the end of the first chapter! ~Katie Higgins of and author of Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook

I am very critical about the books I enjoy and Love Your Body is a great book! It’s brilliant, fun, pretty hip and inspiring! I can’t recommend it enough! ~Eva Ritvo, author of The Beauty Prescription

Finally! We have an accessible, empowering book geared towards young women that combines absolutely impeccable nutrition research with young women’s desires and needs: the best foods for a glowing, rocking body and gorgeous hair and skin with easy recipes incorporating foods that women crave, including chocolate–lots and lots of chocolate made with only the healthiest whole foods ingredients. She’ll have readers falling in love with often-overlooked superfoods and magic magic in the kitchen. ~Marisa Miller Wolfson, producer of Vegucated

Talia is a WRITER and It was a pleasure to read every science-packed page. ~Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day and Main Street Vegan

Talia, I made the Pistou soup in your book for dinner tonight. Not only was it super easy – it’s AMAZING. No wait-what’s beyond amazing? Oh yea this soup. Will make it again and again and again…….thank you!! ~Robin Dillon

I enjoyed Talia’s book so much. I made the recipe, ‘Make your day Mookies,’ which is really good. I gave some to my niece and she wanted the recipe. I bought another copy of the book and sent it to her. Since then she has read Dr. Fuhrman’s books and is eating ETL. Yeah! Then I was with my daughter-in-law and she was telling me that she wants to start trying to have kids and that she discussed it with her doctor and he advised her to start supplementing and make sure the supplements contain folic acid. I said, ‘Stop!’ I had Talia’s book with me, showed her page 231, and said ‘Read this first.’ She was shocked that her doctor had told her to take folic acid supplements. She read more of the book and told me that she liked the way Talia wrote. I have also sent her the book and she has told me that eating healthy is now their main goal. I am thrilled! I have made quite a few of the recipes and would have no problem serving any of them to SAD eaters. I’m also going to send the book to other family members as Talia’s approach seems to win the young person’s interest. After I gain their interest, I will send in the big guns of Dr. Fuhrman’s books! ~Jeanne

I have been reading Love Your Body and I just wanted to say how much I am loving it. I’ve been starting to rarely eat anything but things that are good for me, so I am loving reading about the health benefits of the new foods I’m eating! However, what I love even more are Talia’s views on life and relationships and complete wellness and happiness. I try very hard to be the best friend possible, even though over the years I have had very little luck with friends. I just can’t seem to find that group or those friends that treat me the way I treat them. I try so hard to be supportive and helpful and I have tried to always be there for them when they need anything. I think I have been a good friend, but reading Love Your Body helped me put everything in perspective about what true friendship means and what I truly deserve in my social relationships. Today, I have a couple of good friends, one of which I can’t see much right now, but reading Love Your Body is teaching me so much, makes me very appreciative of the few good friends I have and motivates me to continue trying to be the best friend possible. ~Brianna