The Book

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I may look young, but boy do I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition in my noggin’. Love Your Body is first and foremost a book that will help you learn about the true science of nutrition, which hordes of scientific research to back up everything I recommend. Science and I get along smashingly well and my imperative was to ensure that anything I write about was 100% backed up by the most rigorous research. I had my dad, nutrition expert, Joel Fuhrman M.D. right there to confirm that my research and writing was nothing but the latest and greatest in the nutrition field as I wrote LYB.

What else will you find in LYB?

1) Amazing healthy recipes: Meals, snacks, smoothies, desserts, etc. You name it, a healthy and delicious version is likely somewhere in the book! The key is to make plant-based foods taste great. It has to be mouthwateringly delicious or we just won’t enjoy it. Also, we deserve to eat nothing but the best-tasting foods. Thinking I eat only vegetables, some people declare that they could never eat the way I do—how can I eschew meat, they ask incredulously, which is so tasty? This is laughable to me, for if they really knew how absolutely delicious my diet is, they would have no trouble chucking animal products without a second thought!

2) Positive psychology research like this: Harmonious vs. obsessive passion and why it is essential to distinguish between the two for long-term fulfillment. We should allow ourselves the time and space to explore all the things that make us happy. When we are harmoniously passionate, we are happier and healthier, and will achieve success and greater fulfillment in our chosen activities!

3) Magnetism: It’s time to get magnetic. Like a dark, leafy green vegetable, magnetism is a key ingredient that keeps you looking and feeling your best (sorry, I loathed the analogy section of the SATs, too). And you can never have enough green veggies! Magnetic people exude a life-loving energy that radiates outward and makes everyone they meet feel special. They seem to be having a ball no matter what, and their positive attitude and exuberance pull other people closer and make everyone else want to jump in on all the fun they’re having. LYB discusses magnetism in detail.

4) How to find your ideal body weight: According to the American National Institutes of Health, a healthy weight is between a body mass index (BMI) of 18 and 25. For the average American female, who’s 5 feet 4 inches, this means a weight between 105 and 145 pounds. However, is this truly a healthy weight? Rather than calculating total body weight or BMI, scientists are now finding that waist circumference may be the best indicator of a healthy weight. Excessive waist circumference has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, elevated cholesterol, sleep apnea, and hypertension. You will find out the truth about your own healthy weight range in the book.

5) How to love your unique body shape: Magazines are infamous for going way overboard with Photoshopping and airbrushing the women in their glossy pages, making attractive women look impossibly perfect. You aren’t airbrushed and neither am I. We need to get real about how to really love our bodies in our social media age in which it seems there are “perfect” bodies everywhere. You can love the way you look and I will show you how.

6) How to achieve radiant, clear skin using food as a tool: Instead of just telling you which foods to avoid and which foods to chow down on, I’m going to explain what happens when you eat certain foods—how they interact with your hormones and subsequently affect your skin. Personally I love understanding the underlying science behind things. When you’re armed with knowledge, you’ll be more committed to a healthy lifestyle, and that leads to glowing, gorgeous skin! Win-win.

7) How to go completely vegan and avoid nutrient deficiencies or head in the plant-based direction without fear of becoming nutrient-deficient.

8) Are all raw diets wise? What about Paleo? I debunk hordes of nutrition questions and myths in the book.

9) Research about your health and the environment: They are connected!