Collaboration Post: Wanderlust, Dancing In The Rain, YouTube & Berry Beautiful Pie Recipe! Wowza that is a lot in one post.

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Watch the YouTube video to accompany this post. :)

Watch the YouTube video to accompany this post!

Deeper meaning.  I contemplate the deeper meaning of life often. I contemplate how to make each day be the best that it can and use my time on this planet is the most rewarding way possible. I’ve written about this subject before in articles that cover what the Greek term, Eudaimonia, is and in my book, Love Your Body.

It was really only a matter of time before I met Sara, who is the sagacious, all too smart for her age, mind behind Sara and I are both deep thinkers and it’s uncanny how similar we are in both our yearnings to live life to the fullest, zests for making the most out of every situation, and our desires to contribute to the health and wellbeing of others. We both love to read and write and share deep conversations. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Sara and it is now a pleasure to share with you a fun list that we swear by! I hope you will eat up the words (AND RECIPE!) below and smile a bit more because you read it. I’m pretty sure smiles are contagious, so pass yours around!

1)   Always catch the clock at 11:11.
2)   Write handwritten letters.
3)   Love recklessly.
4)   Find beauty in everything.
5)   Make a stranger smile.
6)   Notice the little things.
7)   Give someone a real mixtape.
8)   Dance in the rain.
9)   Never give up on yourself.
10) Don’t be afraid to come alive.
11) The answers are everywhere.
12) You are invincible!
Sara wrote about her Wanderlust: the German word for a very strong desire to travel (something we also both share!) and her words are insightful and astute and her travel adventures completely brave and admirable. Without further ado, here is what Sara has to say about her own Wanderlust.

Do you share our wanderlust? What is your favorite # on the above list? COMMENT BELOW and let me know! 

Now here’s Sara! 

Wanderlast: the German word for a very strong desire to travel.

It’s not a passion for travel, it’s more like an animalistic need.

That’s how I feel. When I’ve been in one place for too long, the Vata Wind energy in me begins to ignite and I’m itching to take off again. I feel like a bird trapped in a bubble of superficiality- of shopping malls and drive throughs and small talk and take-out. All things alleviating struggle at the surface, but only making you feel more distant to what’s real.

I wish to experience everything. The excitement, the struggle, the joy and the loneliness.

I’m addicted to that feeling of getting to a city, leaving the airport by myself, not knowing where this adventure is going to take me.

If I told you it were always easy, I would be lying. I’ve run out of money, felt unsafe, gotten myself into situations I wish I didn’t.

But you have to put your trust in the universe. You realize you are just one person and really nothing is in your control. Travel is the best reminder of this.

The hardest thing for anything for us to do is give up our control of destination to destiny.

This is something I’ve abandoned long ago.

But the thing is, travel alone is like cheating.

Once you’ve done it, you’ve become addicted to that rush, that fear.

From then on, you will be unfaithful to your country and see your current life as temporary.

You will never feel that same satisfaction living a normal life because you’ve experienced something greater.

Are you ready?

So how can you get yourself to travel the world..

Questions You First Need To Ask Yourself:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. When will you be able to take time off from your job/life/family/friends?
  3. What are you going to do there?
  4. And the most important question..
  5. With whom are you going to go?

Everyone is down for exciting world travel- bring it up to your friends and they’re totally chill with going. Until the moment you’re actually going to plan a trip then suddenly finances/ time/ work/ life get in the way.

But that shouldn’t stop you from going. When else in your life will you have the ability to take time off, without children or a high demand job depending on you to be there?

Shivering or sweating to get through the night, yet still excited for the sun to rise so I could see a smile like this again.

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I’ve explored temples, islands, beaches and game parks with beauty that can only be experienced first-hand.


I’ve danced the night away with complete strangers to became my best friends and traveled to their countries years later to relive the times we had together.


I’ve learned languages, skills, self confidence, meditation, mindfulness and street-smarts that one can only experience from traveling on their own.


And every single night before I leave, I almost convince myself that something will go wrong and that I shouldn’t go. I suddenly get this nervous feeling that I made a horrible mistake and that I have so many great things going on at home that I shouldn’t risk my life for a little more fun. I start looking online to see the refund policy on my flight (there’s never one FYI) and begin frantically shoving things in my well-organized suitcase that I probably will never need, just in case a thunderstorm happens or I get uncontrollable traveler’s diarrhea. I start playing out scenarios in my head where the taxi driver takes me to a brothel and I never see my family again.

I call this the “pre-travel jitters.”

It’s normal to be scared trying something for the first time. When you’re traveling by yourself, even if you’ve done it before, there are a million things you will be doing for the first time. From finding a safe cab driver who doesn’t give you a weird feeling to planning activities smartly, you’re putting yourself into the unkown and asking the universe to take you in under it’s protective arms.

You’ll experience some of the most exciting and lonely times of your life. You’ll catch yourself zip-lining over a rainforest or eating a coconut straight from the tree and wonder “Is this really my life right now?”

And you’ll see couples locking eyes on dates, families laughing over lunch and best-friends giggling in the mall, and suddenly miss everyone you took for granted at home with every fiber in your body.

There will be some uncertainties and things won’t always be careless-free fun, like the travel- inspiration Instagram you follow. But each experience will make you grow in ways you only can when you’re out there on your own. I would have missed out on each of those opportunities which have shaped me to be the person I am today, if I gave into those feelings.

Yes, my friends told me I’m crazy. Yes my parents have been scared to death during every trip. Yes, I’ve sometimes felt scared myself. Things have gone wrong, but so many more have gone right and I wouldn’t give up one of my exhilerating travel experiences a mundane week of Netflix, even for a minute.

Sara will be posting tips on her website about how to travel alone, dealing with sketchy men, weird food, different clothes, strange homestay families, difficult experiences and steamy romances while abroad! And the crazy cool thing is that she is hosting a one-week mind-body exploration retreat consisting of plenty of yoga, nutrition workshops, beach lounging, Indian music and healing massages. Visit to learn more about Sara’s exciting retreat! You can find her on Instagram: @eatfeelfresh and

And finally, here is a fun & healthy dessert recipe Sara and I LOVE! It’s so berry beautiful!


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