Way Too Easy To “Prepare” Dried Fig Fudge

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fig fudge

I must admit that this recipe is way too easy to prepare. Actually, I’m not certain “prepare” is the most appropriate word to use to describe the making of this recipe because “prepare” implies that you will actually be doing real work. This recipe requires so little work that you might have the urge to paint your nails or do something else with your hands because your hands did so little in the kitchen. I do suppose this would only be the case if you actually enjoyed using your hands in the kitchen and felt gypped with the lack of hand usage. I know many people loathe cooking, and if you find yourself among this bunch, then this fudge recipe is sure to be a massive hit and an urge to paint your nails will not overtake you. Regardless of whether or not your nails will remain unpainted or are actually already painted from an old nail polish job, you will still be provided with yummy fudge if you decide to throw some dried figs in the microwave and do a bit of blending with the accompaniment of cocoa powder and vanilla extract (see recipe below).

I eat a few tablespoons of this fudge with fresh berries and with the addition of a tablespoon or two of ground flaxseeds on top. I realize I am already an odd individual with a propensity to write about painting one’s nails after making a way-to-easy-to prepare throw together fudge, but alas I am also odd because I will eat ground flaxseeds with just about anything. I’m completely serious. I put ground flaxseeds on top of my soup and mix it in with my smoothies all the time. So, if berries and fudge topped with ground flaxseeds sounds odd to you, rest assured that it probably is. But hey, at least I got my lignans too (CLICK HERE to read the health benefits of lignans)! I am always looking for ways to incorporate superfood ingredients like flaxseeds to my meals, so I maybe be weird, but at least I am a healthy weirdo.

Now, I’m not going to wait any longer to provide you with the recipe. That would be indecent given how delicious it is. Here you go:

Ingredients (makes about 2 cups):

20 dried figs
2/3 cup distilled water
2/3 cup cocoa powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract


1) Cut off the hard stems of your figs and place the de-stemed figs in a medium sized bowl with all of the distilled water.

2) Heat the figs and water in the microwave for 1 minute in order to make the figs soft, warm and ready for blending.

3) Add the figs and water to a high-powered blender (preferably a Vitamix) along with the cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Blend baby, blend. If your blender is giving you trouble with the whole blending thing, I recommend adding a few more tablespoons of water and your blender should work cooperatively with you. I didn’t have trouble, but then again I do have a Vitamix, which is one seriously high-powered blender.

4) Eat. Preferably with fresh berries. Maybe with ground flaxseeds (if you dare).

Note: This recipe makes at good 8-10 servings and it will last in your refrigerator for at least a week. It makes for a delicious spread on top of a chopped apple or pear or eaten along with a banana.

In the picture below, you will see I sliced up a few bananas, spread some fudge and fresh strawberries on top and voilà, I had a dessert to serve to my family along with dinner. Woohoo!


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